June 15, 2018
Everyone in the tech industry knows Charles Leaver is extremely skilled. They know he understands all aspects of tech and cybersecurity, and they respect his skills with regard to application software and infrastructure technologies, although he is highly trusted for his skills with E-Learning, and gaming security, as well. He also is highly regarded as someone with a knack for successfully guiding companies to push the edge of technology and moving into new markets. When he says the future of cybersecurity is, shall we say, secure, the industry listens.

Chuck Leaver is bullish on the future of Cybersecurity. In fact, he is absolutely sure that the "Internet of Things," among other tech developments, will bring fortha whole new range of opportunities for innovators in the cybersecurity field. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of cybersecurity giant Ziften, Charles Leaver hopes to drive that innovation and keep his country moving well into the future. And if he’s positive, that’s a good sign for everyone in the cybersecurity field.